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Upstream Ag Professional - May 11th 2024

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Upstream Ag Professional - May 11th 2024

Essential news and analysis for agribusiness leaders.

Welcome to the 41st Edition of Upstream Ag Professional!


  1. Jevon's Paradox, Brand Erosion and Precision Applications in Agriculture

  2. Seeing Into the Future of Farm Autonomy

  3. Precision Ag and Patents: ‘Farmers increasingly interested in more precise planting’

  4. FMC Corporation announces multi-year collaboration with AgroSpheres

  5. AgZen’s Vishnu Jayaprakash on spraying, praying, and sticky droplets

  6. GenerativeAI and Agriculture

    1. Generating (Somewhat) New Biology with AI

    2. AlphaFold 3 predicts the structure and interactions of molecules

    3. Phi-3: Redefining What’s Possible with SLMs

  7. LLM Search Functionality

  8. Venture Capital’s Space for Sheep

  9. Other Interesting Ag Articles

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1. Jevons Paradox, Complement Disruption and Precision Applications in Agriculture: Implications for Crop Protection Manufacturers - Upstream Ag Professional

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